Why should schools sign the Every1Counts Pledge?

Why should schools sign the Every1Counts Pledge?

Giving pupils a say could save the school much more than it costs. We believe if people are involved in a decision they are more likely to look after their school. Lots of evidence exists that participatory budgeting builds respect, understanding and a sense of co-responsibility. We believe Every1counts could cut down on needless vandalism, littering  and anti-social behaviour, and turn pupils into ‘waste-busters’ so actually saving the school money.

Learning is best done in the real word. Engaging with real decisions builds confidence and inspires pupils to learn. Every1counts allows pupils to learn about managing money, about democratic decision making, considering the needs of others, and pitching ideas to each other. What better or more exciting way to build financial skills than by being involved in your school budget and taking real decisions over thousands of pounds? We believe that there are many ways that schools can use Every1counts to enhance learning right across the curriculum.

Deeds mean more than words. Many schools say they empower their pupils. Few really mean it. Every1counts is a commitment to listening, to sharing and to acting in a way that values all pupils beyond the traditional type of school council. Co-responsibility comes through trust and co-operation. Every1counts shows you take your pupils seriously and that citizenship matters in your school.

Feeding the appetite to get involved by allowing pupils to be involved … in real decisions. By committing to making your school a place where pupil voice matters by taking the ‘Every1counts’ pledge you can build self confidence, spend the school’s money better and put into practise your belief that your school as a place where everyone can contribute. Preparing pupils to take part in wider society throughout their lives.

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